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FaunaWithin the 659 vertebrate animal species identified at Cuc Phuong, endangered and rare species include Delacour’s langur (Trachipythecus delacouri), Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa), Serrow (Carpicornis sumatraensis), cá Niếc Hang (Silurus cucphuongensis) and the red-bellied squirrel (Callosciurus erythraeus cucphuongensis).

Delacour’s langur was thought to be extinct 50 years ago, but was rediscovered in the early 1990’s. The insect populations at Cuc Phuong are also highly abundant, with the identification of 1899 species and forms belonging to 169 families in 33 orders. There are many strange species such as the walking stick insect, which look like twigs of different colours, and can only be recognized when they move. Visitors in the summer may also be blessed with the chance to see literally millions of vibrant butterflies along the road or along streams in the forest.

Download vertebrate animal species of Cuc Phuong Natinonal Park.
Download invertebrate animal species of Cuc Phuong Natinonal Park.

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