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Botanical Garden

GardenCuc Phuong’s Botanical Garden preserves gene resources and rare plants from Cuc Phuong, Vietnam, and around the world for the future, while also acting as a semi-wild, protected enclosure for wildlife release programs and is open for study and visits.

With a total land area of 160 hectares, 90 hectares are planted areas, 51 hectares are natural forest, 10 hectares are sites for experimental research and the rest is reserved for park administration grounds.

Based on the ecological characteristics of different species, local terrain and the Takhtajan plant classification system, all the trees in the botanical garden were planted according to their family, ordered from lower to higher branches of evolution, and divided into areas marked A, B, C, D, Đ, E, G, H, I, and K. Species from Cuc Phuong were planted in areas A, B, C, E, H, trees from northern Vietnam in area D, and imported trees in area Đ. Area G is reserved for bamboo species, area I for fruit trees, and area K for rattan species. The minimum land area for each species is 0,1 hectare and the maximum is 1 hectare.

In total, the park has collected and preserved 535 species of trees, 210 tree species of which are from Cuc Phuong, 85 tree species from other places in Vietnam, 5 imported species, 25 species in the aroid family, 20 species of fruit trees, 15 species of bamboo, 15 species of areca, 20 species of medicinal plant and 140 species of orchids. All of the trees here are well protected and monitored in the study of their growth and development process. Many species have produced fruits and supplied saplings for indigenous tree plantation programs.

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