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Carnivore & Pangolins Conservation

CivetThe carnivore and Pangolin Program is committed to rescuing a future for wild populations of threatened carnivores and pangolins in Vietnam. We are dedicated to increasing the understanding of and respect for these unique species and their habitats and empowering people to take action to conserve them. The Program focuses on the following specific activities:

Promote positive perceptions and attitudes supporting the conservation of carnivores and pangolins.
The focal species of the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program are all threatened by human actions. To achieve effective conservation we must address the root causes of these actions which often relate to a lack of understanding or negative attitudes towards these species. By building awareness and utilizing communications messages that create positive perceptions of our species we aim to motivate attitudinal change. This we hope will affect the human behaviours that are negatively impacting wild populations of carnivores and pangolins. We will employ a variety of tools to engage our target audiences including focused communications campaigns using traditional and electronic media, educational publications and collateral and training workshops.

Increase understanding of carnivore and pangolin ecology, status and conservation requirements.
The CPCP will carry out field surveys and develop methods to research the distribution, ecology, population status and threats to carnivores and pangolins in priority areas throughout Vietnam. Through literature and museum reviews we will consolidate historical and contemporary information on priority species and landscapes that need conservation support. We will continue to manage a database that contains field records from scientists, museums and Non-governmental Organizations of carnivores and pangolins in Vietnam dating back to 1905. Finally, an integral part of achieving this goal will be through the training of protected area staffs, university students and scientists in research methods and identification of these species.

Develop practical techniques for the rescue and rehabilitation of carnivores and pangolins confiscated from illegal wildlife trade.
Current understanding of the rehabilitation needs of confiscated animals in Vietnam is poor and mortality of animals in rescue centers is high. The CPCP will develop practical protocols for the rescue, quarantine and rehabilitation of confiscated carnivores and pangolins. Through training workshops for rescue centers and Forest Protection Department Rangers will ensure these protocols have a long term, successful and far reaching impact in Vietnam.

Ensure the placement of rescued carnivores and pangolins is undertaken responsibly and supports conservation of wild populations.
The CPCP will carry out a range of activities working towards the development of a set of guidelines and protocols for the placement (euthanasia, release and transfer to captivity) of carnivores and pangolins confiscated from illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam. Through coordination with the IUCN/SSC specialist groups and other rescue centers in the region, we will provide a solution to the growing problem of trade-confiscated animals. We will develop nationally-feasible methodologies, assessment techniques and husbandry guidelines to ensure all placements of our species support the conservation of wild populations.

Establish and manage priority conservation breading programs for globally-threatened species of carnivores and pangolins.
The CPCP has a long history of involvement in the ex situ conservation of threatened species. The program currently manages a successful international conservation breeding program for the Owston’s Civet (Chrotogale owstoni). While continuing to improve on the success of this program, the CPCP will work with IUCN/SSC specialist groups, regional zoo associations and other Non-governmental Organizations to develop a set of locally relevant selection criteria to identify priority species for future conservation breeding programs in the center and develop them where determined necessary.

Build effective partnership to enhance the opportunities for conservation of carnivores and pangolins.
In order to achieve our mission, we recognize the importance of working in partnership with other organizations. Conservation of carnivores and pangolins in Vietnam and Southeast Asia cannot be accomplished by one organization working in isolation but rather joint initiatives working towards common objectives. We seek to work with other conservation organizations, educational institutions and individuals in Vietnam and internationally to share our knowledge, learn from others expertise and achieve our goals.

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